Beit Gazo

Centre de recherche et de conservation du Patrimoine des Eglises d'Orient

Trainings in manuscripts’ conservation and restoration

Beyond its mission of conservation of the Oriental heritage, the Beit Gazo Center wishes to actively contribute to the training of professionals. It offers thematic training courses given by experts from renowned European institutions, and in particular from the National Library of France.


June 14 to 25, 2022— In the continuity of our privileged partnership with the National Library of France, the Beit Gazo Center was able to give 10 days of training on the themes: “Preserving-restoring manuscripts written in metalogical ink” and “Making different types of conservation bindings“. Mainly in french and english, with an arabic translator.
Discover the program of this training: – Training program BnF 2022 (in french) – as well as the article and the photos.

April 23 to May 3, 2019— The Beit Gazo Center for the Conservation of the Heritage of the Churches of the East and the prestigious Bibliothèque nationale de France joined forces to offer you the seminar: “Conservation-restoration of manuscripts, theoretical approach and practical cases“. Mainly in french and english.
Discover the program of this training: – Training BnF 2019 (in french) – as well as the article and photos.