Beit Gazo

Centre de recherche et de conservation du Patrimoine des Eglises d'Orient

The Beit Gazo Center offers you its expertise:


  • STUDY of the collections: evaluation of the general conservation state, surveys, providing technical information concerning the materials, providing historical information, interventions to be planned.
  • MANAGEMENT of the collections: resumption of old inventories, new inventories, rehousing.
  • DIGITIZATION of the collections.
  • EVALUATION of the state of buildings from the point of view of preventive conservation, improvement proposal, contribution to architectural programming of a new building or a redeveloped site.
  • EMERGENCY INTERVENTION in case of disaster.


Preventive conservation gathers the actions undertaken indirectly on the cultural goods. It acts on their environment in order to delay their deterioration or to prevent the risks of alteration. These interventions allow to favour or create optimal conditions of preservation of the cultural heritage, compatible with its social use.

  • Management of the ENVIRONMENT of the collections: monitoring of the climate (humidity, temperature, luminosity…), pollution, contact materials, monitoring of the biological factors (insects, moulds, rodents…).
  • HOUSING of collections: boxes, folders, pouches, adapted cases, made of “museum quality” conservation materials, durable and acid-free.
  • CONSULTING and technical advice, for the exhibition, storage, handling, packaging of objects, transport and loan of collections.
  • TRAINING of your staff in preventive conservation techniques: handling of collections, dusting, packaging, marking, organization of storage areas, control of climate, light and infestations, protection and security, etc.