Beit Gazo

Centre de recherche et de conservation du Patrimoine des Eglises d'Orient


Restoration is defined as direct intervention on damaged cultural property, with the aim of facilitating its reading while respecting as much as possible its aesthetic, historical and physical integrity.

Following an in-depth study of your collections, the Beit Gazo center will submit conservation-restoration treatment proposals adapted to each case. The entire process is rigorously documented: a detailed treatment report is drawn up and systematic photographic documentation is provided. It is organized in close collaboration with the person responsible for the work.

Our expertise concerns:

  • All documents on paper: archival documents, bound manuscripts, prints, bindings, newspapers, drawings, engravings, watercolors, gouaches, posters, cardboard objects, 3D objects made of paper (e.g. fans, papier-mâché figures, cardboard…),
  • All techniques on paper,…All documents on parchment: archival documentation, bound manuscripts, miniatures, illuminations, parchment covers,…
  • All binding materials: leather, wooden boards, cloth bindings, headbands, corner protectors, metal clasps and decorations…

> Discover here some of the restorations carried out by the Beit Gazo center.